Creating the Pure Body Experience...

Services include botanical relaxer, safe chemical gentle body relaxer, permanent wave, silk press, natural hair, hair extensions, steam therapy, hair  & scalp treatments, hair color and haircut transformations.

Service Categories

Hair Services

Professional hair services  customized to meet the clients needs.

(* Indicates new talent pricing)

Permanent Wave


Wave by design cold wave system provides permanent wavy, curly texture to hair with superior moisture. This curly perm lasts 10-12 weeks and grows hair fast depending on texture and maintenance. Virgin hair only...3 inches or longer of new growth. Price will increase due to lenght, density and twxture. Includes shampoo & treatment. Haircut, trim and color is additional cost. -*NOTE: Must purchase Moisturizer, Activator 2n1 product from our retail area to use daily@ additional cost.

Relaxer Regular Strength 

A hair relaxer is a lotion or cream that makes the hair easier to straighten and manage. Relaxers reduce the curl by breaking down the hair strand thus chemically altering the texture

Relaxer Halo

Chemical lotion relaxer applied to the outer perimeter to straighten hair. We carefully select gentle relaxer to maintain elasticity and body in hair.

Relaxer Virgin


Shampoo & Curl / Style 

Thoroughly cleanse hair with a selection of shampoos and conditioner is applied. Hair is curled, waved, rolled and /or styled.

Shampoo Only

Thoroughly cleanse hair with a selection of shampoos and conditioner is applied. No curl or style with this service.

Silk Press (Natural Hair)



An Advanced Blow-Dry & Silk Press Collection Formulated To Synergistically Transform Textured Hair To Lustrous, Weightless, Silky-Smooth Styles Without Damaging Your Curl Pattern.
*Service includes shampoo, conditioner, thermal protectant  product, blow dry and flat iron.

Blowout Only 

A blowout is the art of drying hair after a shampoo and conditioner to dry and straighten hair completely with no curling or flat iron involved. Just blow and go no styling.

Natural Style only (No heat)


A maintenance free style performed on hair that is in its natural state non-chemically relaxed or altered. Service includes shampoo, conditioner and desired natural style with no heat and no flatiron.

Roller Set Natural (Flexi Rods $30+)

Creating a desired style on natural hair using a variety of rollers as a wet set after hair has been  shampooed and conditioned. Flexi rods are additional $30.00. this service includes hydration therapy.

Roller Set Relaxed

Creating a desired style on relaxed hair using a variety of rollers as a wet det after hair has been  shampooed and conditioned.

Finger Waves / Pincurls

Shampoo, conditioner with a setting technique of combining finger waves and / or jazzy twisted curls creating a soft sleek silhouette modern style.

Shampoo & Cut

Signature haircuts that incorporates unique designs and detailing. Includes shampoo and conditioner with style.

Trim Ends (Add-On)

Trimming the tips of hair to prevent split ends. This process makes the hair healthier and fuller and it removes flyaway ends which creates the appearance of thin hair.

Taper Blend (Add-On)


Utilizing clippers with different guard plates to blend and fade hair in the halo areas. This service is (add on) to cut hair is an additional $30 and up.



Design lines (Add-On)

Utilizing tremors to create artistic impressions designs on cut hair.

Haircut (Add-On)

Creating a precision cut using tools such as seizures, razor etc. to design a desired style. This is a add-on service or a service only which includes tapering, blending and outlining detailing which may increase cost. 


A mild chemical relaxer used to texturize hair to loosen curls and reduce frizz. This product has a lower sodium hydroxide level. 

Hair Consultation

 A hair consultation is a conversation between stylist and client, designed to help both client and stylist understand and deliver on the hair goals. The consultation process will last generally 15 minutes sometimes more at additional cost depending on the service. 

Phyto Shampoo & Treatment

Hair is shampooed using botanical phyto products and treatment is included. The price may increase based on density and length of the hair and if natural hair.

 Smoothing System 


A new technology of amino acid molecules, keratin product is  applied to all textures to safely smooth the hair, eliminates frizz and rebuilds damaged cuticles. Heat is applied to smooth and silk press hair lasting up to 12 weeks. Shampoo, conditioner and style is included with this service. * Add on service for Microlinks.

Shampoo & Trim

Hair is thoroughly cleanse and conditioner is applied, blow dryed or not if non heat required. Trimmed to remove split ends or to even hair. 
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PURE BODY SALON & SPA...Your place of Passion & Experience. We are excited about Serving you in our relaxing and unwinding environment promoting inner harmony and peace! (Due to Covid- 19 No Coffee amenities available) *Must provide credit card information when booking service. The card is placed on hold for Non Cancellation fee of $25 or more depending on services if you do not cancel prior to appointment.  The card is Not used for prepayments.

In addition, the following amenities and conveniences are offered to make your time with us more enjoyable. 

-Conveniently located 2 miles to Uptown Charlotte *Ample Parking *Handicap parking, sign & ramp *Handicap accessibility inside bathrooms *beverages *Free Wifi.

-Merchant card processing; MasterCard, Visa, Discover & Cash App. No checks. Ask for Bottle water and usage of coffee machine is located in reception area. Retail products are on site for purchase.

-Creating the Pure Body  Experience we ask to refrain from bringing kids and others not receiving services. Due to Covid-19 we are asking clients to wear mask and wash hands when entering and during Salon visits. We are practicing social distancing and are servicing 50% of normal clientele.

-The Salon has the right to refuse service to anyone. Prices listed are starting prices and are subject to change. Upon receiving services ask for detailed pricing. We ask that you respect others and refuse from using profanity and loud music when visiting. Cell phone usage is permitted however please don’t allow it to be a distraction. Food must be consumed before entering salon however snacks and drinks are ok. Note: Video Recording on premises. 

-Welcome on Board...Entrepreneur Beauty Professionals! (UPPER LEVEL SUITES):, Inkmasta-Inkfeenz Kordarius Berry.

(LOWER LEVEL): David and Berry, Robert Smith, Kimberly Thomas, @