Creating the Pure Body Experience...

Services include botanical relaxer, safe chemical gentle body relaxer, permanent wave, silk press, natural hair, hair extensions, steam therapy, hair  & scalp treatments, hair color and haircut transformations.

Service Categories

Hair Extensions 

Install Sewin Crown, Haircut & Style

Service includes shampoo, conditioner, crown braided and hair extensions sewn on top crown. Includes haircut and style. 

Wig Unit Spot Clean & Restyled

Previous installed wig unit clean up. No glue or melting of the stocking cap to the scalp just a spot clean and ponytail style.

Clip Ins Shampooed (Add-On)

Clip in hair extensions shampooed and conditioned.

Clip In Install (Add-On)

Clip in hair extensions added to complete a desired style adding weight and length.

Install Track (Add-On) per track

Hair extension tracks sewin to create weight and length.

Install Sewin Full head w/ leave out

Full Sewin includes shampoo, conditioner and braid down with natural hair leave out sectorial blend with weave. Includes trim/cut and styled. Prices are subject to change these are beginning prices based on the amount of hair that's added and additional services.

Install Sewin  Melting 360

A 360 frontal unit install that creates a natural hairline on the outer perimeter for ponytails etc.  This process includes melting of a stocking cap to the skin and center tracks are sewn in. Service includes shampoo & conditioner, cut/trim with desired style.

Install Sewin w/ Closure


Full head install sewin with a closure with stocking cap melted to skin. Includes shampoo,  conditioner, full head braided down and hair extensions sewn.

Install Wig Unit


Wig unit installed with melting stocking to frontal or 360 outer perimeter. Service includes  shampoo, conditioner and natural hair braid down. Also plucking hairline and bleaching knots is additional $20.


Quick Weave w/ Haircut

Hair extensions tracks are glued down to scalp over protective  agents/ stocking cap, then cut and curl to create a desired style. (Only tracked 100% human hair) Please...No 32,38 etc pieces! Please note that we focus on detailing and blending the hair to look like your own natural hair which requires detail! The  more detailed the more price may reflect. All prices are starting price only!

Quick Weave Removable

Hair extensions are added using glue on a stocking cap then cut to create a design style that's removable. (Only tracked 100% human hair) Please...No 32,38 etc pieces! Please note that we focus on detailing and blending the hair to look like your own natural hair which requires detail! The  more detailed the more price may reflect. All prices are starting price only!

Ponytail or Top /Back Bridal Buns w/ Hair Extensions 


Ponytail low back style or top / back bun  is created using hair extension includes shampoo and conditioner. *Consult with stylist for more  info relating to style,  and hair selections prior to service & purchasing hair.  Suggested (Empire) hair for glue needs 1 or 2 packs depending on length).  Sewin  additional $40. 

BRIDAL BUN / SERVICES Must set a consultation appointment prior to booking service at least- 3  weeks in advance.

Flat Twist w/Hair added

Individual twist back or up with synthetic hair installed into the style. ((Must bring 2 packs quality straight/ wavy synthetic braiding hair no  99 cent hair please).

Install Sewin Crown

Install sewn down to net over braided crown includes shampoo, conditioner and trim. 

Install Fuse Bonding 

Fusion hair extensions (also known as bonding or pre-bonded) are fused to natural hair using different adhesives such as glue. A heating clamp tool is used to bond glue extensions to natural hair. Service includes shampoo and conditioner, extension service and style. Price increases with length and density and cut & trim is additional.

Install Weave Tightening 

Install weave tightening using  thread to secure the install at the base. This service includes shampoo and conditioning treatment and styling. 

Clip Ins install w/ Shampoo 

Clip ends at it to have to increase density and length after hair has been shampooed and conditioned. Must bring clip in hair when receiving service.

Ponytail w/ Frontal closure & Extension

Ponytail with frontal and melting of stocking cap to skin  & hair extensions (tracked hair glued. Includes shampoo and conditioner, removal of previous hair extensions rather sewin or glued is additional charge.

Maintenance Installs, Wigs, Frontals, Microlinks 

Installs, wigs, and frontals maintenance includes shampoo, condition and style. (Tightening with thread or micro link beads will require additional charge if excessive loosening).

Install Hi/Lo Extension w/Ponytail

Hair is shampooed, conditioner treatment, blow dry and silk pressed / braid down. Back lower and top area of hair is glued or (sewin is Additional $50) with extension hair added. Price subject to change if additional bundles & lenght is desired. Then styled or curled.

Maintenance Frontal Reapply

Maintenance cleanup remove glue and re install frontal of unit previously installed by our team only. Styling and other services is additional cost. 
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PURE BODY SALON & SPA...Your place of Passion & Experience. We are excited about Serving you in our relaxing and unwinding environment promoting inner harmony and peace! (Due to Covid- 19 No Coffee amenities available) *Must provide credit card information when booking service. The card is placed on hold for Non Cancellation fee of $25 or more depending on services if you do not cancel prior to appointment.  The card is Not used for prepayments.

In addition, the following amenities and conveniences are offered to make your time with us more enjoyable. 

-Conveniently located 2 miles to Uptown Charlotte *Ample Parking *Handicap parking, sign & ramp *Handicap accessibility inside bathrooms *beverages *Free Wifi.

-Merchant card processing; MasterCard, Visa, Discover & Cash App. No checks. Ask for Bottle water and usage of coffee machine is located in reception area. Retail products are on site for purchase.

-Creating the Pure Body  Experience we ask to refrain from bringing kids and others not receiving services. Due to Covid-19 we are asking clients to wear mask and wash hands when entering and during Salon visits. We are practicing social distancing and are servicing 50% of normal clientele.

-The Salon has the right to refuse service to anyone. Prices listed are starting prices and are subject to change. Upon receiving services ask for detailed pricing. We ask that you respect others and refuse from using profanity and loud music when visiting. Cell phone usage is permitted however please don’t allow it to be a distraction. Food must be consumed before entering salon however snacks and drinks are ok. Note: Video Recording on premises. 

-Welcome on Board...Entrepreneur Beauty Professionals! (UPPER LEVEL SUITES):, Inkmasta-Inkfeenz Kordarius Berry.

(LOWER LEVEL): David and Berry, Robert Smith, Kimberly Thomas, @